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The 4th Pull Podcast power by CrossFit Federal Hill is your source for all things Strength and Conditioning. We will cover everything from olympic weightlifting to stretching. We will have top coaches, athletes and gym owners on the show to share their knowledge of the sport. Our goal is to provide information to help you get stronger and faster! For more info check out
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Feb 22, 2016

Jordan Troyan comes on the show to talk about his experience as a CrossFit Games athlete and many other facets of fitness and life.

Jordan is the owner of CrossFit Rage a 3,000 square foot facility in Skippack, PA.  He is passionate about his affiliate, his members and his coaches.  He talks about a typical day for himself and dives into what he needs to work on as a coach. 

He gets his competitive background from his collegiate swimming career.  He was an All American swimmer from West Chester University.  His race was the 400 M IM.  One of the most brutal races that one can take on. It requires skill in all four strokes and stamina across the board.

Jordan competed in the CrossFit Games as an individual in 2013 and 2014.  His goal is to make it back to the big show in 2016. 

His weakness is no secret, he needs to get stronger. His strength is something that he has been working on this off season and hopes to continue attacking throughout the games season! Listen in as he talks about his training, his affiliate and stories from the CrossFit Games.


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Feb 16, 2016

Geo and JP have Pat Barber on the show to talk about the landscape of competitive exercise and how it has evolved over the last 15 years.

We start with Pats background. Theater and Volleyball are not the usual mix for a dude who lifts weights and runs fast, but it turned out to be an amazing foundation for Pat. He was a college volleyball player who found CrossFit through his Coach at the time Tony Budding.  From there Pat was immersed in the original CF gym, CrossFit Santa Cruz.  He was getting instruction from Greg Glassman and Nicole Carroll back in 2003.  Greg, the founder of CrossFit and Nicole, current director of training at CFHQ.  

Check out this sweet old school video of Pat- Demo WOD Pat Barber.

Pat talks about the landscape back in 2003 and how the sport and movements have evolved over the years.  The other curve ball Pat threw in was that he started on the CF media team.  He was not picked to be on the Level One Staff or picked to be a great athlete.  He worked his way up the ranks and took on any job he possibly could.

Currently his main job is coaching development for Nor Cal CrossFit.  Nor Cal has over 20 affiliates including their corporate gyms. Pat is busy trying to maintain quality and consistency across the board with all the staff he has to manage.  He keeps his foot in the water by coaching on a weekly basis.  This helps keep him on his toes and develops his coaching and cuing skills.  Great to see a master continue to refine his skills.

Our take away point in this episode is....How do you find/spot a good coach? We feel a good coach makes for a great gym.  Pat likes to see a coach who interacts with the athletes as a group and individuals.  He also wants to see his coaches actually coach class from start to finish.  60 minutes of instruction and attention.  The last thing would be a coach that actually coaches.  It could be simple not groundbreaking, but someone who shows empathy throughout the workout.

Next we jump into Warm up and workout. This is a project that Pat and his wife are collaborating on.  Pats wife opened CrossFit New Zealand a few years back and since then they have been writing session plans.  60 minute plans for coaches to follow from the warm up all the way to the cool down.  It makes it so the coaches are on the same page and they can actually focus on coaching instead of planning.  It also puts them outside their comfort box and forces them to learn new warm up skills and drills. 

Pat is also throwing out ton of free resources through his new website.  He has videos from fun warm up questions to how to launch specialty programs.  Check out the BLOG and dive into all the free content he is putting together.  This is one of the most experience guys in our field, learn from him. 

Finally we touch on training and what Pat plans to do in 2016. He is a CrossFit Games veteran and someone who has put it all out there year after year.  He talks about his experience and what lead him to his decision for 2016.

Because old videos are amazing- Check out Pat Barber getting coached by Mike Burgner in 2010.  Pat looks like he is 14, which makes the video even better! Coach Mike Burgner Clean and Jerk.





Feb 9, 2016

Geo and Wes sit down to talk about all things CrossFit.  Wes Piatt made the CrossFit Games in 2013.  It was a wild showdown that came down to the last event. Wes describes his mind set during the competition and exactly what happened.  If you want to read more about it check out the article - Third Place-

Wes is also the proud owner of Coast Range CrossFit in Gilory California.  He gave his open and honest opinion about why his gym as been so successful.  He dives into community and results and how powerful this CrossFit movement is.

In the end we touch on training, preparing for the open and his favorite CrossFit Level 1 Lecture. 

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Feb 4, 2016

JP and Geo jump on and talk about how to prep for the upcoming CrossFit Open Season!


The CrossFit Open is 5 weeks long and consists of 5 different workouts each week.  Everyone from around the world can participate in the open.  It is an exciting time in the world of CrossFit!

Most of the open workouts are a test of the good ol' engine.  How fast can push, pull, row,  and jump in 7-18 minutes.  There are strength events and you need to have good control of a barbell, but if your engine is not tuned up you will feel it.

There are few different approaches here.  We dive into straight up endurance training.  Rowing, running ans assault bike.  We also talk about incorporating short quick met cons to prep for the open.  Try a few of the workouts below over the next few weeks to test yourself!

Endurance Work:

Running intervals : 4x200m, 3x300m, 2x400m all done at pr mile pace.(not sprint) 60sec walking between reps, 60sec rest between sets

Row- 4x (alternate 500m @1:42-1:46/1:58-2:04 and 1000m @1:56-2:00/2:10-2:15 ) no rest between sets

Assault Bike- 8x (alternate between :30 above 500watts/350 watts and :45 above 350watts/245 watts) rest :30 between sets, no rest between reps)


Met Con Work:

4 Clean and Jerks (135/95)

8 Toes to bar

7 min AMRAP


10 Thrusters (95/65)

12 Cal Row

10 min AMRAP


Every 2 minutes for as long as possible

10 Chest to Bar

10 OHS (95/65)

2 Rounds


10 Power Snatch

30 Double Unders

10 Rounds